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Content Warnings

(with Spoilers)

The Brightest Star in Paris

The Brightest Star in Paris is a book about love and healing, but it is also a book about trauma. Below you will find an evolving, likely not exhaustive list of content warnings for it. Please be aware that they include spoilers.



  • The Brightest Star in Paris is set in 1878, seven years after the events of the Siege of Paris and the Paris Commune. Both events are discussed, and there is a flashback scene set during the Siege. Every French character in the book experienced these events. 


Experienced by main characters:


  • Amelie’s mother was a famous Parisian mistress who died of syphilis. While she dies before the beginning of the story, there is a flash-back scene midway through the book depicting her suffering from the symptoms of late-stage syphilis, including rashes and dementia. Amelie and her mother were very close, and her grief and anger about her mother’s death are a major part of the book. 

  • War (as mentioned above; additionally Benedict served as a Union doctor during the American Civil War)

  • Lifechanging injury 

  • Some gore

  • PTSD

  • Prior deaths of loved ones

  • Benedict is a doctor, and assists with a carriage accident and later amputation surgery. 

  • Illness (Benedict almost died of malaria during the American Civil War)

  • Sexual pressure/blackmail by villain

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